I began adult ballet with Sara- Jane four years ago. I am now seventy and have increased my participation to twice a week. Why?
It is fun, it is challenging – you can lose yourself in the music – from Swan Lake and Gisele to Adele , Ed Sheeran and even Michael Jackson. What an enjoyable way to increase your flexibility (mentally and physically), fitness, poise, balance and general well being.
Sara- Jane is patient, challenging and has a wicked sense of humour. She adapts each exercise to cater for the different levels of ability. Thirty minutes barre work then thirty minutes in the centre, putting steps into ‘mini ballets’ which may become part of our concert item for the end of the year.
The group of dancers are a mix of age, size, ability and, occasionally, gender. There is absolute acceptance of and encouragement for every level of ballet ability.
Come and give it a go – it could be just what you are looking for.