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East Auckland's Leading Adult Dance Studio

Dance First has been teaching adult dance since 2011. We operate out of five studios around Howick and have a team of four wonderful dedicated teachers who love to dance and share their creativity and expertise. There are 16 dance and fitness classes per week to choose from.  From ballet to hip hop, jazz, contemporary and tap, Dance First offers many different styles of dance.

Meet the Team

Sara-Jane Morgan
Owner, Ballet Teacher & Total Barre instructor
Sara-Jane’s gentle and kind teaching style injected with her keen sense of humour encourages dancers to either start or continue their ballet training in a non-competitive and friendly environment.
Tracey Olivier
Dance Teacher & Total Barre instructor
Adult Hip Hop/Jazz , Contemporary and Total Barre. Tracey has built up a dedicated group of dancers who could rival some of the younger crews with their dedication and talent
Lauren Ferris
Ballet Teacher & Total Barre instructor
Intermediate Ballet & Total Barre Lauren has had a life of dance training, personal training, aerobics of all kinds and recently completed her Total Barre training.
Juliet Lloyd
Tap Teacher
Ryan Calamucha
Hip Hop teacher
Sandy Collier
Zumba Instructor


Dance First is an East Auckland dance studio which operates from 5 different locations around Howick.  Dance First has been teaching adults since 2011 and is owned and operated by Sara-Jane Morgan.


The people who enjoy our classes range from
their late teens to their late 70s (our classes are for
adults only). The classes are fun and casual at
their heart, so it doesn’t matter what ability you are.


Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz,
Contemporary, Tap, Lyrical,
Total Barre

Our Classes

Jazz /Lyrical
Dance Fitness for Seniors
Tap Dancing

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Inside a class…


I joined Dance First ballet class five years ago after doing no dancing for over 30 years. Once a dancer always a dancer. The minute I walked into class everyone was very warm and friendly, especially Sara-Jane who welcomed me and introduced everyone in the class. We always have a lot of fun and can work at the level we feel comfortable with. However Sara-Jane has always bought out the best in us and we have all improved immensely. Sara-Jane is such a lovely person and interested in everyone in the class. I have made a lot of new friends and always look forward to going to Ballet.


When I first started dancing at Dance First I was nervous as I knew no one and it had been a few years since I had done any sort of dance. I needn’t have worried as Tracey makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door.
Class is enjoyable, filled with laughter and challenging.


Tracey is a delightful, fun and very experienced teacher. She brings her unique choreography and sense of humour to the adult dance classes, making it one of the most enjoyable hours you will spend every week! She sets everyone at ease and teaches a variety of people with different abilities, truly a great dance teacher. I love the Hip Hop classes and am looking forward to some more contemporary dance with her too.


What joy it is as each Tuesday rolls around. Ballet tonight – yippee!!!! The classes are fun, gentle and also a work out. Where else can one get such a perfect balance? They are a mix of ages and ability, all give of their best and all appreciate the efforts of each other. I no longer can jump or kick as high as the younger dancers, and my joints sometimes creek, yet I come away on an endorphin high. Yes, I am a ballet dancer and a senior. Thank you Sara-Jane.


I began adult ballet with Sara- Jane four years ago. I am now seventy and have increased my participation to twice a week. Why?
It is fun, it is challenging – you can lose yourself in the music – from Swan Lake and Gisele to Adele , Ed Sheeran and even Michael Jackson. What an enjoyable way to increase your flexibility (mentally and physically), fitness, poise, balance and general well being.
Sara- Jane is patient, challenging and has a wicked sense of humour. She adapts each exercise to cater for the different levels of ability. Thirty minutes barre work then thirty minutes in the centre, putting steps into ‘mini ballets’ which may become part of our concert item for the end of the year.
The group of dancers are a mix of age, size, ability and, occasionally, gender. There is absolute acceptance of and encouragement for every level of ballet ability.
Come and give it a go – it could be just what you are looking for.


After watching the end of year production for two years and in awe of the grace and courage of the adult ballet dancers I finally got the courage to join myself. I was very nervous walking into the class especially as I’d never danced before and didn’t really know what I was doing but Sara-Jane made me feel very welcome and at ease. The classes are geared for all levels of dance, whether you danced as a child or are an experienced dancer or a beginner like me. With lots of encouragement I made it on stage, albeit hiding at the back, to dance with the other ladies in front of an audience. First time for everything! We have a lot of fun and laughs and I have made some lovely friends along the way. As a busy working Mum I don’t have much time for myself or for exercise but one hour a week is mine and I can let my guard down, feel the music in my soul and the healthy burn in my muscles and learn to do something that I thought I would never do. Dance. Thanks SJ. Xx


SJ is a warm, friendly and professional ballet teacher. She guides us all to be the best we can whether we are beginners, intermediate or advanced ballet dancers. SJ has the knack of making me feel confident in her classes which makes me want to give it my best and come back each week! As for her humour – I am quietly laughing throughout the class at her witty jokes which of course eases the pain of the extra barre or floor work SJ might be gently pushing me to do. I would recommend anyone who wants to try ballet, to come to SJ’s classes – it is guaranteed fun with a lot of learning.


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